1. Plasma Cleaning System (2 set)
Model: PDC-32G / Model: PDC-32G-2 (Harrick Plasma)

2. Visible Spectrometer (350~1100nm)
Model: SM245 Low Noise Compact CCD Spectrometer (Korea Spectral Product)

3. Digital Microscope (400X, 1200X)
Model: DIMIS M (SIWON Optical Technology)

4. Milli-Q Water Purification System
Model: Direct-Q3 UV (Merck Millipore Corporation)

5. Microcentrifuge (2 set)
Model: SCF-10 (DAIHAN Scientific)

6. Electric Muffle Furnace
Model: J-FM1 (JISICO)

7. Analytical Balance
Model: ACJ-120-4M (KERN)

8. Digital Lab Balance
Model: IB-310 (Innotem)

9. Syringe Pump with Dual Pump Plumbing Kit

10. Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner
Model: WUC-D03H (DAIHAN Scientific)

11. Digital Precise Water Bath
Model: WB-6 (DAIHAN Scientific)

12. Precision Water Bath
Model: J-PWB1 (JISICO)

13. Natural Convection Drying Oven
Model: DO-91 (Lab House)

14. UV Sterilizer Dryer
Model: HUD-6000 (Hanil Electric)

15. Hi-Vacuum Desiccator Set with Diaphragm Vacuum Pump
Model: Mobilex Vacuum Desiccator (Duran)

16. Digital Feedback Temperature Controller with Heating Mantle
Model: WHM-C10D and WHM 12051 (DAIHAN Scientific)

17. Hotplate Stirrer (3 Set) and Digital Magnetic Stirrer
Model: MSH-20A, MS-20D (DAIHAN Scientific)

18. Filter & Discharge Gas System for Chemical Reagents Storage
Model: IB-700 (InfoBiotech)

19. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators for Chemical Reagents Storage
Model: LRS35LMGLM2 (Samsung Electronics)

20. Potentiotat/Galvanostat/ Impedance Analyzer (Single Channel)
Model: Zive SP1 (WONA Tech)

21. Thermal CVD system for Growth of Carbon Materials
Model: Customized System with 5 Gases MFC controllers, Max. Temp. 1100  (Scien Tech Inc.)

22. Confocal Raman Spectroscopy with Dark Field Spectroscopy
Model: FEX with 532nm and 785nm Laser (NOST Optiks)